• Fundamentals of Coaching - 1st year coaches (1 time only) - $35

  • First Aid - Every 2 Years - $35

  • Concussion - Every Year - Free

  • Heat Acclimatization - Fall Sports Every Year - Free

All tests are done through NFHS.  District pays for 1st Aid and Fundamentals of Coaching.  Print off and turn in the receipt to the AD to receive payment.


SDHSAA Coaches Requirements - ANNUAL - (Head Coaches ONLY)

  • Coaches Meeting - Sport Specific

  • Rules Test - Sport Specific

Due dates for these are assigned by the state.  Failure to complete will result in a fine from the SDHSAA.  The school will cover the first fine accrued by a coach (lifetime).  Any additional fines must be paid by the coach.

Custodial Accounts

Every activity has a custodial account where donations, fundraising money, etc is stored.  These accounts can only be accessed by participating students (Captain, President, etc) via the advisor / coach.  For details on Custodial Accounts read Custodial Account Procedures. Notice the new requirements require meeting minutes of those students in charge of the account. This new requirement begins June 1, 2021

Documents/Forms of Note:

     Custodial Account Verification (Completed Annually in the Fall)

     Fundraising Request Form

     Deposit Voucher

     Custodial Account Voucher

     Custodial Account Meeting Minutes Form (NEW per Federal Government)


Participation Paperwork / Physicals

No student is allowed to practice without a completed History & Physical Form as well as the SDHSAA Consent Forms, these forms are completed through the online registration process.  It is the coach’s job to verify that all students have all paperwork completed!  We do have paper forms if needed.

Reports (once run) for all activities can be found in the Google Shared Drive “5.Activities”.  You may request an updated report be run by emailing

No student can practice without a current physical!!!  The date listed in one of the columns is the date of their most recent physical.  The next 3 columns should all have a “Y” indicating the paperwork is complete.  When the student has a current physical date and 3 “Y”s they are good to go. The student may still participate as long as they have a physical!


*Students Not Listed on Report

Email Andrea a list of students who need to be added to the report.

Email Andrea a list of students who can be removed from the report.

We MUST keep these reports accurate for our end of the year reporting to the state.  Therefore, you will need to communicate additions or deletions throughout the season!


*Again, it is the coaches responsibility to ensure all participants have the necessary paperwork to participate.


Middle School - Digital Sign Ups 

A google form MUST be sent out to ALL 7th/8th grade students/parents eligible to participate in your activity.  These registrations can be found in this folder and will be updated annually.


Infinite Campus for Communication & Grade Checks

Updated rosters will be entered into the Activity Group in Infinite Campus so that you may contact the group and parents of the group directly. This will also allow eligibility reports to be run for your activity.  Keeping up to date on student eligibility is your responsibility as the coach/supervisor. The AD will run HS eligibility as stated in the Code of Conduct.

  • For sports that include HS and MS students, two different Campus rosters will need to be created. Sara is willing to help any coach or advisor with this.

Please speak directly to Andrea if you need to learn how to run these reports so you may stay on top of students.


Gym Lockers - Gym Locker Tracking

We have purchased new locks (blue) for all athletic lockers.  Please use this document for recording purposes.  All athletes should be issued a new lock as well as a specific locker.  Please be complete and accurate with this reporting.  


Transfer Students / Open Enrollees

HS students can only participate in athletics for 4 years!  So, if you have a student that has not been enrolled in WC full time for their entire HS career, please email those names to the AD and Caryl Nolz so the necessary research can be done to determine eligibility.  THIS IS CRUCIAL!


SDHSAA / Varsity Bound

It is the coaches responsibility to enter rosters and schedules on the state website.

It is all the responsibility of coaches to relay scores and performance data to media outlets following each competition.


Charter Busses (NEW)

It is the coaches responsibility to reserve a charter bus for any travel in which they wish to charter.  The school will only pay $1.00 per mile toward the charter bus.  Therefore, the remaining fee will need to come from the custodial account or an outside entity.  Reservations can be made through School Bus Inc (605-334-6644) or Windstar Lines (605-336-3339).

Hotel Reservation Requests

It is the coaches responsibility to complete the Hotel Reservation Request Form in order for hotels to be reserved for events.  It is the districts practice to pay for hotel rooms for multiple day State sanctioned events taking place 60 miles or more from the school and for pre-approved West River trips.  Any other events requesting hotel rooms must be paid for out of the Custodial Account.  Hotel reservations paid for by the school or Custodial Account must be reserved by the school.  Please complete this form as soon as possible for all events.  Volleyball and Basketball State hotels should run through the AD, not this form.

Fundraising Efforts

All fundraising opportunities have to be submitted to administration and approved a minimum of seven days prior to the start of the opportunity.  Submit to administration by completing this Fundraising Request Form.  Once approved, the AD will notify you via email.

Conferences / Coaches

Teachers who are also coaches are teachers first.  Therefore, if coaching duties interfere with your teaching duties, you must coordinate with your principal and the activities director prior to the conflict. For example, Parent/teacher conferences, game travel, coaches meetings.

Coaching / Advising