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SDHSAA Coaches Requirements - ANNUAL - (Head Coaches ONLY)

  • Coaches Meeting - Sport Specific

  • Rules Test - Sport Specific

Due dates for these are assigned by the state.  Failure to complete will result in a fine from the SDHSAA.  The school will cover the first fine accrued by a coach (lifetime).  Any additional fines must be paid by the coach.

Custodial Accounts

Every activity has a custodial account where donations, fundraising money, etc is stored.  These accounts can only be accessed by participating students (Captain, President, etc) via the advisor / coach.  For details on Custodial Accounts read Custodial Account Procedures.Note that CA Meeting Minutes are required annually for each custodial account.

Documents/Forms of Note:

     Custodial Account Verification (Completed Annually in the Fall)

     Deposit Voucher

     Custodial Account Voucher

     Custodial Account Meeting Minutes Form (Federal Government Requirement)

Participation Paperwork / Physicals

No student is allowed to practice without a completed History & Physical Form as well as the SDHSAA Consent Forms, these forms are completed through the online registration process.  It is the coach’s job to verify that all students have all paperwork completed!  We do have paper forms if needed.

Reports (once run) for all activities can be found here.  You may request an updated report be run by emailing

No student can practice without a current physical!!!  The date listed in one of the columns is the date of their most recent physical.  The Column labeled ‘AthMDSCreated’ should have a “Y” indicating the paperwork is complete.  When the student has a current physical date and a “Y” they are good to go.  If they have a "Y" in the 'History' column, they do NOT have a completed physical and need to complete the History form BEFORE they can even practice.


Fine Arts Program reports will have an additional column for ‘FAMDSCreated’.  Students must have a “Y” in either the Ath column or the FA column.


*Students Not Listed on Report

Email Andrea a list of students who need to be added to the report.

Email Andrea a list of students who need to be removed from the report.

We MUST keep these reports accurate for our end of the year reporting to the state.  Therefore, you will need to communicate additions or deletions throughout the season!


*Again, it is the coaches responsibility to ensure all participants have the necessary paperwork to participate.

Middle School - Digital Sign Ups 

A google form MUST be sent out to ALL 7th/8th grade students/parents eligible to participate in your activity.  These registrations can be found in this folder and will be updated annually.  The AD will email forms in a mass email to all 7th and 8th grade students each season.  If sent too early, it ends up not being a very effective system.

Infinite Campus for Communication & Grade Checks

Updated rosters will be entered into the Activity Group in Infinite Campus so that you may contact the group and parents of the group directly. This will also allow eligibility reports to be run for your activity.  Keeping up to date on student eligibility is your responsibility as the coach/supervisor. The AD will run HS eligibility as stated in the Code of Conduct.

  • For sports that include HS and MS students, two different Campus rosters will need to be created. Sara is willing to help any coach or advisor with this.

Please speak directly to Andrea if you need to learn how to run these reports so you may stay on top of students.

Gym Lockers - Gym Locker Tracking

HELP NEEDED - We have purchased new locks (blue) for all HS athletic lockers.  Please use this document for recording purposes.  All athletes should be issued a new lock as well as a specific locker.  Please be complete and accurate with this reporting.  We need to make sure students are locking up their belongings.

MS Coaches - please determine if your participants have a gym locker with a lock.  If they do NOT, please get me a list and I will work with PE teachers to get them assigned one.

Transfer Students / Open Enrollees

HS students can only participate in athletics for 4 years!  So, if you have a student that has not been enrolled in WC full time for their entire HS career, please email those names to the AD and Caryl Nolz so the necessary research can be done to determine eligibility.  THIS IS CRUCIAL!

SDHSAA / Varsity Bound

It is the coaches responsibility to enter rosters and schedules on the state website.

It is all the responsibility of coaches to relay scores and performance data to media outlets following each competition.  Scores should be posted on the Bound website and emailed to and

Charter Busses

It is the coaches responsibility to reserve a charter bus for any travel in which they wish to charter.  The school will only pay $1.00 per mile toward the charter bus.  Therefore, the remaining fee will need to come from the custodial account or an outside entity.  Reservations can be made through School Bus Inc (605-334-6644) or Windstar Lines (605-336-3339).

Fundraising Efforts

All fundraising opportunities have to be submitted to administration and approved a minimum of seven days prior to the start of the opportunity.  Submit to administration by completing this Fundraising Request Form.  Once approved, the AD will notify you via email.

Teaching / Coaching

Teachers who are also coaches are teachers first.  Therefore, if coaching duties interfere with your teaching duties, you must coordinate with your principal and the activities director prior to the conflict. For example, Parent/teacher conferences, game travel, coaches meetings.

New Volunteer Coaches

Because coaches work directly with students, the West Central Activities Department is requiring that all volunteer coaches undergo fingerprinting and a background check.  This process costs $35-$40.  The volunteer OR the program are responsible for this cost.  Once the background check has been cleared, the AD will let you know.  All NEW volunteer coaches must complete this Application so the volunteer can be contacted to set up the fingerprinting.

Evaluation Program

Head Coaches will be evaluated seasonally by the Activities Director.  This is the form that will be used for this evaluation.  Evaluations will be based on practice related items, general coaching, and leadership.  Head coaches will be responsible for evaluating assistant coaches.  This is the form that will be used for this evaluation.  The head coach and assistant coach should discuss this evaluation before submitting to AD.  Finally, head coaches are asked to submit the self evaluation following the end of the season.

Hotel Reservation Requests

It is the coaches responsibility to complete the Hotel Reservation Request Form in order for hotels to be reserved for events.  It is the districts practice to pay for hotel rooms for multiple day SDHSAA State events taking place 60 miles or more from the school and for pre-approved West River trips.  Any other events requesting hotel rooms must be paid for out of the Custodial Account.  Hotel reservations paid for by the school or Custodial Account must be reserved by the school.  Please complete this form as soon as possible for all events.  I would highly recommend that a number of rooms be reserved at the beginning of the season to ensure they will be available when the time comes.  We can always lessen the number of rooms when we have a definitive number needed.  Volleyball and Basketball State hotels are reserved through the state, please see below.

SDHSAA State Events

When a team has qualified for state there are some arrangements that need to be made as soon as possible.  Hotels now require information of who will be staying in each room.  Therefore, please complete the Room Assignment tab of the State Event Document for all participants (players, managers, coaches, AD, and bus driver(s)) who will be attending.

Participants and coaches will be reimbursed for meals.  Please complete the Meal Allowance tab of the State Event Document so that checks can be cut.  Each coach will receive a check and the head coach will receive one check to cash and disperse the money to students.  Each recipient will need to initial the form when receiving the money.  This signed document then needs to be submitted to the AD immediately following the state event.

Team Pictures

Please contact Beth Grocott with Beth G Photography to set up an appointment for team pictures.  Her number is 605-201-9386.  Beth does a fantastic job.  She can do team and individuals as you would like.  She also orders the large team photos that go in the HS entryway.  Please do this at the beginning of the season so that we can update that photo as soon as possible.

Respect and the National Anthem

We have been asked to please have a conversation with all participants regarding respect and why respect is paid during the playing of our National Anthem.  While I would hope this is something these kids have already learned, I do believe it is a good reminder.  Therefore, I am asking all of you to share this quick youtube video with your students.  They can watch it over and over so it really sinks in.


Kim Lanham

I was born and raised in Sioux Falls and graduated from Roosevelt High School.  I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in Criminal Justice and Spanish and a minor in Sociology from the University of South Dakota.  I then obtained my law degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln School of Law.  I am an attorney and partner with the Johnson, Janklow & Abdallah law firm in Sioux Falls.  I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years and focus on personal injury and civil litigation.  I have been an active member of the State Bar of South Dakota since 2004 and have served on the Civil Pattern Jury Instructions Committee, Negligence & Tort Committee, and Women in Law.  I am also a member of the American Bar Association and South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association.

Larry Picture.jpeg

Larry Fossum

My name is Larry Fossum. I grew up on a farm southwest of Canton SD. I attended a one room country school for 8 years and then graduated from Canton High School. After attending Dakota State College and SDSU after high school, I joined the Navy for 5 years as an Aviation Electrician. In 1978 I joined the South Dakota Air National Guard full time and through night classes obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, graduating Cum Laude. I retired from the SDANG with 36 years of service. My wife, Freida and I, currently live on an acreage southwest of Hartford. In 2008, my wife and I, built a barn on our acreage and started a Cowboy ministry called the Cowboy Way Church. We have seven children, 13 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren (five of whom are in the West Central schools).


Justin Eich

I grew up on a farm west of Madison, South Dakota. I went to STI and obtained an associates degree. I have been married to my wife, Robin Eich, for 28 years. Our oldest son, Derrick is a sophomore at SDSU, majoring in civil engineering, having graduated from West Central High School in 2021. Connor is a senior at WC and will graduate this May. He will be attending SDSU this fall majoring in human biology, with the intentions of furthering his education to obtain his doctorate degree. Carson, my youngest son, is a seventh grader at West Central.

My wife and I have resided in the WC School District for 22 years. We own a commercial building in Hartford that has apartments and commercial office space. My wife is an attorney, with an office in Hartford. In addition to managing our real estate, I also manage our coffee shop, Stomping Grounds, in Hartford, and do snow removal.

A School District Election will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, in all the voting precincts in School District No. 49-7, South Dakota. If the polls cannot be opened because of bad weather, the election may be postponed one week. 


The election polls will be open from seven a.m. to seven p.m. (central) time on the day of the election. 


Two (2) three-year term for school board members, residing anywhere in the district.  The following candidates have filed nominating petitions: 

Kimberly Lanham

Justin Eich

Larry Fossum


The polling place in each precinct of this district is as follows:  

Hartford Precinct (Gage House/Senior Center, 119 North Main Avenue, Hartford)

Humboldt Precinct (Humboldt Community Center, 201 South Main Street, Humboldt)

Wall Lake Precinct (Wall Lake Township Hall, 26452 463rd Avenue, Hartford).

West Central Coaches work hard to provide summer programming for our West Central Trojans.

Click the buttons below for specific information for each program and to sign up.

***Registration needs to be received by May 30 to ensure t-shirt size request.***

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