2021 School Board Elections

A School District Election will be held on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 

in all the voting precincts in School District No. 49-7, South Dakota.

If the polls cannot be opened because of bad weather, the election may be postponed one week. 


The election polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (central) time on the day of the election. 


One (1) three-year term for school board members, residing anywhere in the district. 

The following candidates have filed nominating petitions: 

Amanda Kayser 

James Day

The polling place in each precinct of this district is as follows: 

Hartford Precinct (West Central Administration Office, 705 E 2nd St, Hartford)

Humboldt Precinct (Humboldt Elementary School, 600 S Main St, Humboldt)

Wall Lake Precinct (Wall Lake Township Hall, 26452 463rd Ave, Hartford).

Any voter who needs assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act,

may contact the school business manager at (605)528-3217 before the election

for information on polling place accessibility for people with disabilities. 

Meet the Candidates

Amanda Kayser

My name is Amanda Kayser.  I am a 2002 West Central graduate.  I graduated from Augustana with a degree in nursing.  I am currently a registered nurse in Sioux Falls.  After college, I lived in Sioux Falls for several years while starting my career.  When my husband, Shay, and I decided to start a family, we had a strong desire to move our children to a smaller community where they would strive academically and socially in a school district with a strong sense of community pride and support.  Before our oldest started school, we moved back to the West Central district to an acreage by Wall Lake.   We have three children (Adrienne, Madelyn, and Everett) currently in both the Hartford and Humboldt elementary schools who keep us busy with their numerous activities.

My children and our community are the two things that motivate me to run for this position.  Serving on the school board would allow me to lead by example in order to show our kids it takes parental involvement to develop a strong sense of community.  I have the ability to serve as an effective board member to provide adequate representation for all students in order to excel in academics, athletics, and fine arts to propel our community forward in a positive manner.​

I have served in a leadership position for most of my nursing career.  Strong leaders have the ability to listen, stay objective, and have sound judgement to make decisions that best move us toward a common goal.  These are all qualities I possess and use on a daily basis.  I have a strong passion within my nursing career for advocating for others which is a skill set that would be greatly beneficial for a school board member.​


West Central’s faculty, parents, and long-standing community involvement and support to benefit the needs of students in our district.  As they say, it takes a village, and our school faculty and community has the ability to help guide and support our children through their formative years.​


I hope our district continues to provide support for the Trojan tradition of excellence for our students and faculty.  The district should provide adequate resources for students and staff while maintaining fiscal accountability.  This will help our children get an excellent, well-rounded education and have their years at West Central be a positive influence as they transition to their next journey in life.  My hope is that we continue to see growth in our community with former students one day returning with their families to continue building our strong Trojan traditions.

James Day

My name is Dr. James Day and I have been in education for over 15 years. I currently teach at Augustana University where I am the Program Director for the Master of Science in Athletic Training Program. I have a bachelors degree from Eastern Washington University, a master of education degree from the University of Virginia and received my doctorate of education degree from the University of South Dakota. I am also a licensed athletic trainer providing sports medicine healthcare. My wife and I have two kids who both attend West Central. We enjoy going on walks, playing in the park and spending time with our dog Blitz.

I am running for the school board so that I can help share the benefits of education with today’s youth. The benefits of education are often discussed in terms of the economic and social benefits to the individual student. However, the value of education is even greater than the individual student with those same economic and social benefits of education being for society at large. I have devoted my professional life to these benefits and would like to help West Central in whatever way I can. This past year that help was is the form of being a substitute teacher where I subbed in each school in the district as both a teacher and an educational assistant. Going forward I would like to use my training in curriculum and assessment as well as educational theory to be a resource on the school board.

Besides my experience and training in education and healthcare, I will bring a history of successful problem solving and listening as a school board member. As the director of a post-graduate healthcare program, I work directly with professors, university administrators, and students to solve problems. As a healthcare provider, I also worked with my patient’s parents. Problem solving is ultimately about listening to the stakeholders and investigating possible solutions. In healthcare this is called evidence-based medicine whereas in education this is simply daily practice. I have had substantial continuing education training in the areas of leadership, problem solving and reflective listening that will help me serve as a board member. In addition, I want to serve as a resource for the students and the district with regards to preparing students for higher education. Although I completely agree that college is not a prerequisite for success in life and therefore is not the right path for all students, I can use my substantial experience in higher education to help make sure graduates of West Central are prepared for post-secondary education if they so choose.

The strength of the West Central School district is the partnerships that are created between teachers, administrators, parents and the community. We all have a shared desire to be a part of this district and that creates a sense of community that creates a great educational environment. If we can continue to be true to who we are we can continue to have a special district. That is my goal for the district. That we stay true to who we are while continuing to use our history of innovation continue to always strive for the best ways to educate the students.


West Central School District 49-7

705 East 2nd Street

Hartford, SD 57033