Middle School Directory

Mark Rockafellow
Andrea Johnson
Activities Director / Dean of Students
Sara Jost
Administrative Assistant
McKayla Kerkaert
Neville Smith
School Resources Officer
DaNann Tirrel
Alyssa Garreaux
Library Aid
Annette Sichmeller
School Nurse
Kathy Painter
Covid Specialist
Madison Anderson
7th Grade Reading & Language Arts
Austin Lopour
6th Grade Science & Social Studies
Joe Caffrey
8th Grade Science & Financial Readiness
Matt Evans
7th Grade Math & Social Studies
Danny Eye
Fine Arts - Instrumental Music
Anne Gaspar
6th Grade Reading & 7th Grade Spanish
Laurie Gratz
Fine Arts - Choral Music
Nicole Harmon
6th Grade Math & Social Studies
Miranda Henglefelt
6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Ted Holmstrom
8th Grade Social Studies, 7th Civics & 6th Leadership
Mike Ideker
Physical Education & Health
Rebecca Jaspers
6th Social Studies and Robotics, 8th Cultures
Paul Jongeling
Technology Education / iPad Helpdesk
Samantha Mathis
7th & 8th Workshop
Dylan Kor
Special Education
Joan Peters
8th Grade Reading
Katie Pope
7th Social Studies & 8th Language Arts
Jen Poulos
CTE - 6th Wellness & 8th FACS
Charity Ragland
6th Social Studies and Robotics & 8th Cultures
Becky Stassi
Special Education
Elizabeth Thompson
7th Language Arts & Social Studies, 6th Creative Writing
Heather Trefz
7th Grade Math & 8th Grade Math
Dave Tuch
Fine Arts - Visual Arts
Sheri Volbrecht
7th Grade Science & Health
CJ Harney
Educational Assistant
Melanie Eichmann
Educational Assistant
Dawn Price
Educational Assistant
Andrea Spisak
Educational Assistant
Open Position
Educational Assistant
Tami Erickson
Open Position
Ethan Huls
Jerry Steen
Custodial Supervisor
Tori Wittrock
Food Service Director
Victoria Barrett
Food Service
Renei Holtzman
Food Service
Kerri Horner
Food Service
Mel Conkling
Food Service
Norma Bannwarth
Food Service
Tracy Koskela
Food Service
Rebecca Vockrodt
Food Service