Teacher of the Year

Each year WC teachers have been nominated by other staff members, students or parents to become the Teacher of the Year for the district. This year the designated area for teacher nominations are teachers in specialty areas in the district. This will include art, music, PE, technology integrationist, library, counselor, special education, Title I, or speech teacher. Students, former students, parents, colleagues, administrators, or members of the general public may also nominate teachers.


The Selection Process

The Teacher of the Year designation will alternate yearly between the following categories of teachers:

          2014-2015      Elementary Teacher Grade K-5 ~ Cheryl Prunty

          2015-2016      Secondary Teacher Grades 6-12 ~ Andrea Johnson

          2016-2017      Teacher in a Specialty Area Grades EC-12 ~ Daniel Eye

          2017-2018      Elementary Teacher Grade K-5  ~  Greg Anderson

          2018-2019      Secondary Teacher Grades 6-12   ~  Nicole Harmon

          2019-2020      Teacher in a Specialty Area - Grades EC-12  ~  DaNann Kistler

          2020-2021      Elementary Teacher Grade K-5  ~ TBD


An impartial selection committee comprised of the former teacher of the year, one representative from each area (Elementary,

Secondary, and Early Childhood -12 Specialty Teacher), school administrators, and the superintendent selects the Teacher of the Year

from those nominated through a screening process using specific criteria.

Applications will be due February 16, 2021. This year’s Teacher of the Year will be announced the week of February 22. We plan to

offer the Teacher of the Year gifts from the Hartford/Humboldt communities. If you would be willing to donate, please contact

Michelle Becker @ 528-3217.


The Nomination Process

Nomination forms are available on the school district website ( www.westcentral.k12.sd.us ) and all West Central school buildings and

the Administration Office. All nominations must be returned, with all supporting materials and documentation, to

West Central Administration Office

Teacher of the Year Selection Committee

PO Box 730, 705 East Second Street

Hartford, SD 57033

We prefer that nominations be typed or reproduced on a computer or word processor, but we will accept (without prejudice) neatly

printed applications. Do not use more space than is permitted by the word limit. Please provide to the selection committee a

thoroughly completed nomination form; incomplete nominations will not be considered after the deadline for nomination filing. Use

specific examples whenever possible in describing the teacher’s contributions.


The Eligibility Requirements for Nominees:

  • Teachers who may be nominated for the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year award are elementary teachers in grades JK- 5.

  • Nominees must be contracted teachers with a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience in the West Central School District, and must be currently teaching in the West Central School District.

  • Additionally, the teacher should possess and demonstrate consistently:

    • The ability to create a love of learning in students of all abilities and backgrounds.

    • High expectations for all students.

    • A strong sense of values, integrity and professional ethics.

    • The ability to learn and experiment with new ideas in order to expand their professional knowledge base.

    • Strong human relations/strong cooperative skills with students, parents, colleagues, administration, and the West Central communities.

    • Knowledge of subject and curriculum content, of student growth and development, or instruction and assessment.

    • Clear understanding of their beliefs and practices.

    • Strong communication skills.

    • Energy, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and dependability.

    • Commitment to community service.