Title I

West Central Elementary Title I Programs

Both of our elementary schools, Hartford Elementary and Humboldt Elementary, have been long-time standing Title I Targeted Assistance schools. Beginning in August 2020 our district elementary schools are transitioning, with the support of the State of South Dakota Department of Education, into what is known as a School-wide program.  Here is a snapshot of the academic side of our Title I School-wide programs. 


  • The transition to School-wide Title I at Hartford and Humboldt Elementary Schools promotes an upgrade of the educational programs of our schools to provide improved instruction for ALL students. Services will be offered to all struggling students without the stigma attached to the Title I student classification. Flexible instructional groups based on assessment data and using Response to Intervention (RtI) continue to allow for specific, targeted instructional practices in all classrooms. School-wide Title I allows for increased differentiation opportunities and support based on student needs. School-wide allows for greater flexibility and more effective use of time.

  • Any student in grades kindergarten through fifth grade may receive additional services. No student identification of being a “Title I student”  is made. Students identified as most at-risk for meeting our state’s academic standards are given additional assistance. While no parent notification of additional services to students is necessary in a School-wide program, it remains important to us that families are communicated with on a regular basis.

  • School-wide Plans have been written for each building and can be accessed on the school website. The plans will be executed through a concerted effort of all staff in the elementary buildings. The general education teachers, academic interventionists, special educators, and other special services personnel all focus on the individual needs of students.  Both elementary schools will continue to use a tiered model for interventions based on the school’s Response to Intervention (RtI) model.

  • Our Title I teachers have adopted a new title for their roles in our elementary buildings. We will refer to them as Academic Interventionists moving forward in the 2020-21 school year.

Resources for Title

Humboldt Schoolwide Plan 2020-21

Humboldt Family Engagement Plan 2019-2020

Hartford Elementary School-wide Plan 20-21

Hartford Family Engagement Plan 2019-2020

Title I District Parent and Family Engagement Policy Plan 2019-2020

School-Parent Compact