West Central School District 49-7

705 East 2nd Street

Hartford, SD 57033



Transportation Services

All students who will be riding a bus route will be contacted by their bus driver before school begins regarding pickup times and route details. The routes will be similar to last year’s.

Students will ride the same shuttle bus as last year.  Every year you need to register.

Below is a list of route bus drivers. Call 528-6235 and leave a message before 6:30 am each day your child(ren) will not be riding the bus. Include the student's name and which bus you ride or the driver's name. Notifying us if you are not riding is essential to the efficient routing of buses and can affect others. This is the Transportation Office number and you can leave a message 24/7.  Please call if you have questions concerning bus routes. Each school will have a list of buses and students on their routes at the beginning of the school year.


Stop times may vary due to events that are beyond our control, including, but not limited to: the number of students riding, weather/road conditions or mechanical problems.  Students should be ready 10 minutes before stop time and understand that the bus maybe 10 minutes late.  Buses will wait approximately 30 seconds at each stop for riders to load.

Rural Bus Routes
Bus #1 - Rabbit Bus - Paul O'Toole
Bus #2 - Turtle Bus - Denny Vogel
Bus #6 - Squirrel Bus - Mike Anderson
Bus #15 - Horse Bus - Freida Fossum
Bus #16 - Wolf Bus - James Anderson
Bus #4 - Bear Bus - Jim Siemonsma
Bus #14 - Sheep Bus - John Fuller
Bus #3 - Eagle Bus - George Pelletier
Bus #17 - Deer Bus - Penny Steineke

In-Town busing is offered for a fee. 


We stop only at established stops.

Hartford Pick-Up Locations and Times

Humboldt Pick-Up Locations and Times