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2024 School Board Election



Voter registration for the West Central School Board Election to be held on June 4, 2024, will close on May 20, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Failure to register by this date will cause forfeiture of voting rights for this election. If you are in doubt about whether you are registered, check the Voter Information Portal at or call the Minnehaha County Auditor at 605-367-4220 or the McCook County Auditor at 605-425-2791.


Registration may be completed during regular business hours at the county auditor's office, municipal finance office, secretary of state's office, and those locations which provide driver's licenses, SNAP, TANF, WIC, military recruitment, and assistance to the disabled as provided by the Department of Human Services. You may contact the county auditor to request a mail-in registration form or access a mail-in form at


Any voter who needs assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may contact the county auditor for information and special assistance in voter registration.


Krista Stuessi, Business Manager

West Central School District No. 49-7




A School District Election will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in all the voting precincts in School District No. 49-7, South Dakota. If the polls cannot be opened because of bad weather, the election may be postponed one week.


The election polls will be open from seven a.m. to seven p.m. (central) time on the day of the election.


One (1) three-year term for school board members, residing anywhere in the district.  The following candidates have filed nominating petitions:


     Adam DeJong

     Tiara Marcus


The polling place in each precinct of this district is as follows:


Hartford Precinct (Gage House/Senior Center, 119 North Main Avenue, Hartford) – Hartford City, Hartford Township, Grand Meadow Township, Benton Township.


Humboldt Precinct (Humboldt Community Center, 201 South Main Street, Humboldt) – Humboldt City, Humboldt Township, Clear Lake Township, Spring Valley Township, Greenland Township, Wellington Township.


Wall Lake Precinct (Wall Lake Township Hall, 26452 463rd Avenue, Hartford) – Wall Lake Township, Wayne Township and City of Sioux Falls residents located within the West Central School District.


Any voter who needs assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may contact the school business manager at (605)528-3217 before the election for information on polling place accessibility for people with disabilities.

Meet the Candidates


Tiara Marcus

     My name is Tiara Marcus.  I consider myself to be a person strongly rooted in my values and work each day to be a great example for my kids. If I could describe myself in a handful of words, it would be authentic, strong in spirituality, bold personality, positive thinking, and holding conservative beliefs. My husband of nearly 12 years, Zach, is a wonderful advocate to support me in this adventure. We have 3 kids that are in the West Central School District – Levi (9) in 3rd grade, Ezekiel (7) in 1st grade, and Gabriella (5) starting Kindergarten in August. We moved to Hartford, from Hayti, SD about 2 years ago. My educational background is in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, where I have spent 15 years in the mining, manufacturing, and now Engineering Project Management industry at ISG, Inc. Throughout my years in industry, I have been an individual who demonstrates strong leadership and sense of accountability. I have moved into leadership positions quickly, always given lots of trust and responsibility from those around me. I believe my ability to influence, mentor, and support others, within a peer group, my leaders, and those that work within my teams are some of my greater attributes.

     For the last several years, I have stayed informed and aware of the massive changes happening across the country. There are events and initiatives happening in schools in certain areas, that honestly scare me they could happen in a school my children attend.  In my nature, I’m not one to ever be upset about a situation that I can help to influence or improve. Regarding this inspiration of becoming a school board member, I believe that grassroots efforts are where change and positive outcomes begin. This decision is not only for my children, but to be an advocate for the many other parents and community members that share in my beliefs, and perhaps don’t have the desire to represent on the school board. I will be bold and courageous to lead things in a good direction. I have a strong desire to have a voice that could impact this generation (and beyond) of West Central students.

     I have many years in leadership, problem solving, and life experience skills that all add a ton of value to this seat. I’ve been put in numerous situations of conflict, intense opinion, spirited debates, and led through them to strong outcomes. I am a very courageous person, but also incredibly empathetic. In any situation, I consider myself to be a great listener to gain true understanding and perspective of others, so that I may bring compromise, consensus, or lead an individual or group of individuals to a path necessary. In my role at ISG, I’ve also supported School Boards and Superintendents to lead change from school designs, renovations, and expansions, so have a great understanding of the process in which I would be signing up to carry out.

     I believe there is an incredible sense of community that West Central demonstrates, even to newer folks in town. We have been blessed to get quickly immersed in the sports community, the church community, and as a result have some wonderful friends we’ve made over the last couple of years. The teachers we have had for our kids so far have been great. It seems to be a community in which the members want to keep “small town small” but still allow for the right growth and nurturing of the youth through the demonstrated support of the kids’ education and activities. 

     As I mentioned before, I am optimistic that I could be a strong voice and advocate for maintaining a course of good values in the school district. I have never been someone to compromise the good of the many, when there are negatives being pushed for just a few. My goal is to represent and act as a conduit of support from the concerns in the community, and to lead and influence positive outcomes directly into the school district. Our kids are the absolute best hope we have for a great future, and the next generation of stakeholders and leaders in our community. This school district, along with the foundations at home, will mold them into those successful future leaders. We have a responsibility to set them up for success!!


Adam DeJong

     My name is Adam DeJong.  I grew up and attended the West Central school district and have lived in Hartford for over 20 years.   My wife Kim and I have 3 children, 2 that are out of high school and one freshman.  Kim and I own   the Hartford Pizza Ranch which I have owned or been a part of for 30 years.  After high school I served in the Army National Guard for 8 years and was then honorably discharged.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family and supporting various West Central activities. 

     I have been part of the West Central community for many years and this community has always treated me and my family unbelievably well. I feel being a part of the school board is a tremendous way to give back to the community and help steer the district in the best possible direction. 

     I have served on various boards throughout my life that have been school or community related. I have developed many relationships with the community members and I am very approachable and eager to listen to concerns from all community members. 

     West Central has many strengths that a lot of other districts do not have.  I believe our teachers as a whole sincerely care about our students. I believe we have an excellent Administration that works hard for our district. Most of all we have community members that get involved with the school and are eager to support all the different activities within the school. 

     My hope for the future for West Central is that we continue to grow while continuing to hire and retain tremendous teachers. I want the school district to succeed academically for all students.

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