Wellness Committee

Wellness Meeting Notes - April 9, 2019, @ Business Office from 5:15-6:15

Members Present: Carol Miles, Lisa Klein, Belinda Prostrollo, Brad Berens and Victoria Wittrock


  • Discussed the meeting notes from March 21

  • Talked about the Smarter Lunchroom Strategy more info of the scorecard and areas to meet the wellness in Nutrition by the Cornell Studies

  • More info on https://www.smarterlunchrooms.org/

  • Discussed the Wellness Policy on all 6 areas (Nutrition Services, Physical Activity, Health and Physical Education, Policy and Environment, Staff Wellness, Smart Snacks) need to be addressed the school year 2020

  • Invite for the next year 2019-20 Wellness Team

  • The first meeting will be in September with 3 additional meetings through the 2019-20 school year. Prior to the announcement, a survey will be sent out to committee members on what day and time works best for the majority of the members